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Expert Home Repair Handyman Services Outlined Some Tips to Prevent Falls During Spring Maintenance in Riviera Beach, FL

Prevent Falls During Spring Maintenance

Many people will hire a home repair handyman to undertake larger home improvement jobs, but most homeowners like taking care of their homes and often enjoy completing little projects independently. Spring is a popular season for home maintenance. The weather is pleasant for outdoor work, roofs are clear of snow and leaves, and windows may be opened to assist in sweeping out winter dust and detritus. Handyman professionals encourage their clients who like doing their home improvement projects. However, they want to emphasize that safety is their top priority. Every 13 seconds, an older adult visits the ER for a fall-related injury, although many falls are avoidable! Use the ideas below to remain safe when performing spring maintenance this year!

Simple Safety Steps to Help Prevent Falls

Do a Home Safety Check and Make Small Updates Where Necessary

In high-traffic areas, make sure your home is well-lit and clutter-free. Install stair rails and balancing bars in the bathroom, shower, and other slippery or uneven rooms.

Build Balance, Strength, and Flexibility Through Daily Exercise and Stretching

Daily exercise, as well as stretching before climbing ladders, can be a significant factor in helping to prevent falls.

Talk With Your Doctor

Inform your healthcare provider if you want to conduct any home repair work this Spring. Share your recent fall history and request a fall risk assessment. Inquire about drugs and whether any of your prescriptions may raise your risk of falling. Dizziness and sleepiness are two frequent pharmaceutical side effects to inquire about.

Good Senses Are the Key to Good Safety

Make sure your senses are as sharp as possible by checking your eyesight and hearing once a year. Every year, renew or update your eyeglass prescription.

Seek Support From Family and Friends

Falls aren’t just a problem for the elderly! Children and healthy adults are also at risk of falling. Discuss your plans for house maintenance with your family and loved ones, and ensure they are also taking safety precautions to avoid falls and other injuries.

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