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Beware of These Unseen Risks When Winter Painting

Winter can be a great time to tackle much-needed painting projects. But if you don’t take the potential risks into account, you could end up paying for more than just a professional paint job. When it comes to winter painting projects, there are certain risks to consider before starting. So be sure to book quality home handyman services instead. Here are the risks to keep in mind:

Cooler Temperatures

Paint has specific temperatures it must be stored to be kept in its optimal condition. When temperatures start to drop it can mean a longer wait time between primer and paint coats. During the winter, the ideal paint temperature is often difficult to reach because the cooler weather causes the paint to take longer to dry.

Humidity Levels

Humidity plays a key role when it comes to painting. It is important to check the relative humidity since the paint can be affected. If the humidity levels are too high, the paint may not dry properly and consequently, you may be faced with a quickly failed paint job.

Ice and Snow

Ice and snow can easily be tracked during the painting process, which can ruin a freshly painted surface. Even worse, moisture retained under the paint can cause it to peel off and make the new paint job look unsatisfactory.

Worst of All – Frozen Paint

Frozen paint is perhaps the biggest risk with winter painting projects. Paint should never be frozen or stored in cold environments. If the paint has been exposed to cold temperatures it will be thick, lumpy, and difficult to spread with a brush or roller. The result can be a streaky and uneven paint job.

Take the necessary steps to protect your winter painting projects and keep your home looking its best. L B Faith Handyman Construction Services LLC can provide you with expert advice and materials to finish the job correctly. We’re offering a wide array of home handyman services in Riviera Beach, FL, including painting services. Our quality offers can be easily availed of with just a call at (561) 295-4711!

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